At this challenging time for the country, your safety is our priority and we’ve worked hard to ensure we’re Covid-19 Secure now that the Hall is open again Stay Alert message
The Hall is now re-open for bookings under current guidelines

We’re delighted to let you know that Dumbleton Village Hall is now open again and taking bookings and many of our regular clubs and classes are returning.

We’re open again but, as you’d expect, we’re still following the most current government guidance for public buildings and, as a result, we’ve undertaken a risk assessment for the Hall and also had to introduce some Special Conditions of Hire. These are temporary and will be reviewed each time there is a change to the Covid-19 legislation and help the Hall to maintain its Covid-19 security.

The Hall is owned by the Charities Commission, part of the UK government, and the Trustees (the committee) are entrusted with its running for the benefit of the parish. We also fall into the category of public buildings. All of this means that our plan for becoming Covid-19 Secure has to be rigorous and detailed and in line with the latest guidance.

Becoming Covid-19 Secure

We completed one part of our plan for becoming Covid-19 Secure – a deep clean of the entire Village Hall – in July 2020. This included:

  • cleaning of all touchpoints, such as door and cupboard handles
  • use of non-allergenic products that provide a short-term barrier against transmission of viruses
  • thorough cleaning of all tables and chairs
  • deep cleaning of all cupboards and shelves throughout the kitchen and bar area

Our thanks to Bredon Hill Cleaning Services for their professional and certified services.

Open for bookings again

We’re delighted to be able to take bookings once more now that the Hall has re-opened. There are some changes that you will see and to maintain the Hall’s Covid-19 security not all areas will be available.

The Main Hall and ladies and gents toilets are open and available for bookings (under our temporary Special Conditions of Hire). Unfortunately, the Campbell Room remains closed as a result of its size and the challenge this presents with social distancing. The kitchen will be available on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us for more information.

All bookings are still being taken through our online system, but if you have any pre-booking questions, please contact our Bookings Secretary.

Covid-19 poster for Dumbleton Village Hall
Covid-19 poster for Dumbleton Village Hall toilets
Covid-19 poster for Dumbleton Village Hall sanitiser use
Covid-19 poster for Dumbleton Village Hall wash your hands advice

You’ll notice some differences

There’s additional signage around the Hall – instructional and behavourial – to help us meet the latest regulations. There are also sanitiser stations available along with Covid-19 cleaning boxes for each area. 

Safety of the committee

We will be following all relevant guidance to ensure that any of our volunteers working at the Hall in any capacity remain safe. Depending on the guidance in place at the time, this may include the use of PPE and adherence to social distancing.


Thank you for your understanding

We know this is a challenging time for everyone. We want to make it easy for you to come back to the Hall. The committee is volunteer-run, so we ask for your patience and understanding if we can’t answer any questions you may have immediately.