A short history of Dumbleton Village Hall

The Hall was built in 1899 and was given to the village by Mrs Eyres-Monsell to celebrate the 21st birthday of her daughter, Sybil.

During the First World War the hall was used as a hospital for wounded servicemen and in the Second World War it was used as an annexe to the school to accommodate the number of pupils increased by the influx of evacuees.

The first official records indicate that the Hall was covenanted to the Village in 1903, this was subsequently amended in 1904.

The next amendments to ownership occurred in 1927 as a result of the need to vest in Trust the properties of Viscountess Monsell resulting from the Settled Land Act of 1925. This was then updated in 1935 to include further trustees, namely, Cecil Herbert, Cecil Savage and Alan Casey. There were various amendments made to the list of trustees in the forthcoming years up until the Charities Act of 1971.

The Hall ownership changed at this point from the Trustees to The Charities Commission, who still to this day own the fabric of the Hall, that is, the land and any buildings thereupon.

In this respect the Hall is effectively owned by all the Village Residents as the covenants in the Conveyance between the Trustees and the Charities Commission lay down certain criteria, the most notable of which is that the Hall shall be held for the benefit of all the residents of the Dumbleton parish.